Turku Science Park (Finland)

"We boost innovative growth"

Turku Science Park Ltd promotes the utilisation of university-based expertise and competitiveness of enterprises, as well as generating new business in the fields of biotechnology (BioTurku® – Life Science and materials technology) and information and communication technology (ICT Turku). We also act as the co-ordinator of the national Centre of Expertise programme (OSKE) in Southwest Finland and manage the national HealthBIO cluster which is part of the programme.

Business with a high level of expertise requires close co-operation between universities, enterprises and the public sector. Turku Science Park Ltd acts as a strategic partner of universities and enterprises, both start-ups and operational, growth-seeking ones.

Systematic a​ction from the very beginning

By using our incubator services, technology start-ups can crystallise their business idea and make their initial phase easier. Moreover, that significantly improves the company’s possibilities to succeed.

Most of the incubator companies operate in biotechnology or ICT industries, but your idea may as well be related to other technology sectors or a combination thereof. The incubator has hosted companies specialising in e.g. shipbuilding, environmental technology, wood processing and a variety of services. You can contact us with just an idea, but it does not matter if the company has already been founded. Together we can get your innovative idea moving, and help it grow and internationalise.

In the pre-incubator we refine your idea into a company ready to start. We review the idea with the entrepreneur, evaluate the business potential and the feasibility of the plan, and map the development needs. The Protomo community offers a route for developing business ideas, together with other experts and potential customers.

Incubator provides the basis for growth and success

The range of services expands during the 1–3 year long business incubator period that creates the basis for long-term success and growth of your company. We focus, for example, on product development, acquiring funding for growth, marketing, and personnel resources.

Incubator companies can choose whether they want to operate in Turku Science Park Ltd’s incubator premises or elsewhere in the Turku region. The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Southwest Finland will pay a development subsidy for the first 12 months.

In addition to the incubator entity, Turku Science Park Ltd’s Business Development unit offers other services. Those include the Innovation Mill that utilises e.g. Nokia’s unused innovations, and TRIOPlus that guides companies in internationalisation and financial recovery.

For further information please see http://www.turkusciencepark.com/en.

Key contact at Turku Science Park:

  • Timo Huttunen  +358 40 719 2335 / timo.huttunen@turkusciencepark.com