Tech2Market (France)

Tech2Market is the French representative of the European Space Agency Technology Transfer Programme (ESA TTP)

Tech2Market works in cooperation with a European network of "technology brokers" covering 14 European countries, each focused on its national market. Its mission is to meet the technological needs of industry with space technology. Tech2Market facilitates technology transfer from space to non-space applications by offering support in technical, business and strategic topics.

The >10 people consulting company is located in Paris and Lyon in France. Clients are laboratories and universities, start-ups and incubators, SMEs and large companies, public and private investors, and regions.

Tech2Market, through its experience, has various fields of expertise such as transport, energy, medical devices, biotech, defence and security.

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Key contacts at Tech2Market:

  • Claude-Emmanuel Serre  +33 (0)4 78 82 84 33 /
  • Benoit Rivollet  +33 (0)4 78 82 84 33 /