WEAR++ – WEarable Augmented Reality

WEAR is a wearable system that comprises a monocular goggle (a see-through headmounted display), cameras, a localisation unit and an audio interface all connected to a small computer. The goggle allows vision in "Augmented Reality". The system is operated hands-free using speech recognition. The main application of WEAR is capable to guide a user step by step through the instructions of a procedure for execution of the task at hand, to read manuals and to consult checklists and multimedia reference material (text, images, audio and video), everything hands-free and directly displayed in front of the user‘s eyes.

Furthermore, WEAR is able to read barcodes and, thanks to a remote link with databases, can immediately display the referenced information on the screen or inform the user verbally using speech synthesis. Depending of the domain of application, specific enhancements to extend the system capabilities or to bring them to a level of reliability and usability of a commercial grade product are necessary.

The vision-based position tracking component and the fusion of its data with other sensors data needs to be improved for the ground indoor version of WEAR when including Augmented Reality.

All current versions of the WEAR system are available as prototypes and aspects such as weight, volume and ergonomy need to be further addressed to make them a commercial product. A further integration of the sensors and a selection of a more compact computing platform are also required. For supporting the needs of some anticipated Augmented Reality applications, a platform that delivers sufficient graphic processing capabilities possibly through a dedicated Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) may be required.

Innovative aspects

WEAR is based on a set of core and optional components. It can be set up in various configurations suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. The novelty is in the system portability and compactness, the design of the multi-modal human machine interface, the vision-based position tracking system for indoor applications and the integration of Augmented Reality technology for displaying contextual information in support to task execution. An elegant solution has also been designed to facilitate the calibration of the see-through headmounted display.

Application area

Messaging ./ Data Transfer / Asset Tracking / Fleet Management / Geofencing / Risk Management / Remote station or sensor Monitoring / On demand services / Environment and high security


WEAR has been evaluated in orbit by the astronaut Frank De Winne during the OasISS mission of year 2009. It assisted in the performance of a complex maintenance procedure comprising the inspection of the filter of a water desiccant module installed onboard the Columbus Laboratory.

Ground Outdoor

A ground outdoor version of WEAR is currently under development. The main application is to render 3D models of art and buildings in their future implantation context. It uses the GPS services for precise localisation of the user. Another utilisation is for assisting public construction workers to virtually visualise the presence of underground ducts, power lines and utlilities.

Ground Indoor

WEAR technology is applicable to the automotive and aerospace industry as it can be of great help as a support tool for guiding the assembly and cabling of complex components. It can benefit also maintenance services providers in the transport and nuclear industry where a rigorous execution of maintenance procedures is paramount to limit the safety risks. In case the Augmented Reality capability is not required, a light version of the WEAR system is available. With a number of additional developments to support indoor localisation and telecommunications in harsh environment, the indoor version of WEAR can be used to guide fire-fighters, USAR teams or military troops.


The offering company is looking for any customer needing a solution such as WEAR. Specific applications can be developed according to customers needs. The company is also looking for partners that would assist us to industrialise our project.

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