S.A.R.A (Sysveo Augmented Reality for Architecture)


Sysveo, a young start-up and leader in professional and approved drones from the Basque country in France, has developed the S.A.R.A system: an augmented reality application which could help architects specialised in urban integration and the establishment of large models like stadiums, bridges etc. Based on a space technology patented by the CNES, the S.A.R.A system provides a 3D visualization within a real environment filmed by a UAV.


Today, the integration and the visualization of modelled elements require post-production techniques such as realistic rendering combined with environment pictures. These methods are tiresome and only provide static rendering.

In this context, Sysveo (a French start-up and leader in professional open-source UAVs) has developed an innovative solution S.A.R.A, based on a space technology patented by the CNES and which consists in an interactive method and apparatus for image broadcasting from a mobile video camera (EP 1152617).

The S.A.R.A application enables architects to visualize their C.A.D models directly embedded in a video stream of the real environment imaged by a drone. Freely flying in the future environment, they gain access to a total and dynamic immersion. This technology is developed for architects for the moment but its potential is bigger (maintenance, construction industry etc.).

Innovations and advantages of the offer

S.A.R.A has been developed for use with Sysveo’s drones in order to obtain air views. Therefore it provides a dynamic immersion and not only static views. The S.A.R.A project is a real time application, doesn’t need any post-production and allows considerable time to be saved (few days becomes few hours). The HD video technology embedded on drones provides a more realistic rendering than photogrammetry technology.

Further Information

The S.A.R.A project is based on cutting-edge technologies:

  • CNES EP 1152617 patent
  • low latency period
  • 3D referencing using precise geo-localization algorithms 
  • long-range transmission of HD video signals
  • real-time image processing


The potential applications are aerial visualisation of virtual projects in real environments for architecture, construction or utilities/energy sectors.

Other applications could be maintenance, surveillance, tourism etc.

Description of Space Heritage

The relationship of the S.A.R.A project to Space is based on the use of the space technology patented by the French National Space Agency (CNES) under the name EP 1152617. This invention relates to an interactive method used to broadcast video and images emitted by a camera mounted on a mobile robot in a predetermined space. This space technology offers the possibility to remote control the movement of the unmanned vehicle and camera over a desired trajectory. It also consists of a device for the implementation of this method.

This technology has been developed not only for space exploration (remote control of space cameras for example) but also for museum inspection, industrial site monitoring or virtual visits to apartments. The possibility to remote control both the robot and camera could open a wide range of applications in the non-space industry and support the development of augmented reality applications.

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