High performing and cost-effective insulation material


The small Swedish company Svenska Aerogel offers the material Quartzene, an aerogel like material with excellent insulation properties at a low price.

The manufacturing process of Quartzene is estimated to cut production costs by approximately 90 % compared to traditional methods of producing aerogels. Quartzene is totally environmentally friendly.

Quartzene is available for demonstration and has a great potential not only as insulation material, but also as additive and for filtration and dehumidification.

Svenska Aerogel is looking for producers that can use this fine nanoporous material to enhance different physical properties of their existing or new products.


The first Aerogel was manufactured in 1931 by an American scientist. It is made by mixing chemicals and making them form a gel. The liquid component is removed from this gel and replaced with a gas leaving a porous solid structure which is the aerogel.

So far the main problem with classical aerogels has been the complicated and energy inefficient production method which for a long time has limited their use to high tech price insensitive markets such as the space industry.

Svenska Aerogel AB’s unique production method makes it possible to reduce the production cost and offer its material Quartzene, with physical properties similar to aerogels, at a much lower price. This makes the material Quartzene unique compared to conventional aerogels.

Aerogels are very good thermal insulators, because they very nearly eliminate the three methods of heat transfer; convection, conduction and radiation. This makes aerogels the world’s best known insulation material in existence today with thermal conductivity normally between 10-19 mW/m,K, this is about 2 to 4 times better than the conventional materials used today.

Svenska Aerogel can optimize the functionality of Quartzene due to its flexible production method. Our production method gives us opportunities to incorporate or dope different chemicals into the Quartzene as well as to customize different physical properties such as the internal surface, density and porous structure.

Innovations and advantages of the offer

Svenska Aerogel offers an energy- and cost-efficient production process of Quartzene, estimated to cut production costs by approximately 90 % compared to traditional methods of producing aerogels. This enables the use of the aerogels’ unique physical properties in common mass market products.

Further Information

  • High porosity and large specific surface
  • Does not burn
  • Low density
  • Environmentally harmless and recyclable
  • Made from sustainable raw materials
  • Adaptable to capture virtually all types of pollutants
  • High insulating capacity
  • Low production cost


  • Insulation materials for building and industrial applications
  • Additives in paints and coatings
  • Additives in gypsum and concrete
  • Additives in health care and cosmetics
  • Molecular filtration
  • Dehumidification

Space Heritage

Aerogels were discovered in the 1930’s, but were not very much used until the 1980’s when NASA started developing aerogels to be used as thermal insulation in their space suits and for thermal insulation of the Mars Rover. They also used it as a molecular filter to trap space dust particles aboard the Stardust spacecraft. The particles vaporize on impact with solids and pass through gases, but can be trapped in aerogels.

Broker comments

Quartzene has a great potential to dramatically contribute to global energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions. Svenska Aerogel AB has therefore been classified as a “Climate Solver” by the WWF.

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