BASILES: A software infrastructure to design, develop and implement complex-system simulation

A partnership between two space companies has patented a new software infrastructure (a framework) that allows designing, developing and implementing complex-system simulation. This infrastructure allows managing continuous system evolution, event-driven or agent driven system, integrating some hardware simulation equipment.

Space Origin

Basiles is used for satellites numeric simulation: mechanical dimensioning, testing of embedded computing (hard and soft), testing of the whole system operational specifications (satellite + control center). It has been tested and improved through several space missions.


The Basiles infrastructure is composed of:

  • A library of models. Basiles has a collaborative infrastructure that allows users to use models that have been developed through previous projects.
  • A workshop for designing, developing, and building models and simulators. Basiles allows users to develop their own models or simulators through the HMI or to import some external components (emulators, sensors models, onboard software…).
  • A workshop for simulators configuration. Basiles allows editing simulators in order to create some variants (alternatives) from parameters and connection changes.
  • A testing workshop. Basiles allows conducting several types of testing from dimensioning to operational specifications.
  • Exploitation of results workshop. This tool allows visualizing and exploiting all the results with statistics or graphical methods. It also allows comparing two tests results.

Basiles has been developed with the HLA standard.

Innovative Aspects

Contrary to other simulation software on the market, Basiles is more a framework that allows developing new simulation tools, connecting existing simulation software (MacSim, Saber, Octave…) or operational testing bench. Basiles also allows a continuous approach of the simulation from the initial studies to the operational testing.

Application Area

Basiles has some potential applications on:

  • The spatial industry: Simulation of spatial launchers, satellites…
  • Transportation and aeronautic industries: Simulations of planes, cars, submarines, trains…
  • Critical systems: Military, nuclear systems, medical systems.
  • Others: Stock market simulation, urban traffic simulation, electronic, manufacturing…


The organisation seeks industrial partner to transfer this technology thanks to a license agreement.

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